Surfing Holidays In Fuerteventura

In the eighties Fuerteventura was discovered as a surfers' paradise. That´s why Fuerteventura is also called the "European Hawaii".

The best surfspots can be found in the northern part of the island between Corralejo and El Cotillo.There you can surf the so called "Reefbreaks", where the waves break on the rocks.

Other kinds of waves you can surf are "Beachbrakes".

Another well known surfspot can be found to the south of El Cotillo. Because the best northern surfspots can only be reached through dustroads it is recommended to use a four-by-four to avoid damaging your (hired) car. You should also bring enough food and drinks with you because you won´t find any shops or restaurants there.

Those who want to learn to surf could rent a board, just start trying, but it´s better to take at least a few surfing lessons. With the instructions of an experienced surfing teacher you will learn a lot faster than when you try to find out everything on your own, and besides he will know the best surfspots and can give you inside information on, for example, dangerous currents. There are one day courses but you can also sign up for a surfcamp where you get several days of surfing lessons.

You are provided with a board and a wetsuit, taken to and from the surfspots and it´s usually fully catered. The paddling through the waves is physically demanding so you should be reasonably fit. So exercise and swim a little bit before you take surfing lessons!