Fuerteventura Diving

Diving in Fuerteventura is predominantly located on the north and southern tips of the island as well as up the quieter waters of the east coast. Dive sites are easily accessed from the coast and the island offers a multitude of sites catering to all dive abilities from beginners to the very experienced. In short, diving in Fuerteventura is great for the learner, the once-a -year diver, as well as enthusiasts.

Diving in Fuerteventura benefits from the fact that the island is volcanic, meaning that there are deep water drop offs around the island. These are channels where you're likely to see some of the ocean's bigger predators heading towards the reef in search of food.  With visibility of around 50 metres in calm conditions, and water temperatures from 16 to 25 degrees, Fuerteventura diving is hard to beat.